Please note: there are only few single rooms. First come, first serve!

Double Room: special price € 150/person
Single Room: € 220
Special price for children: up to 2 years: free, 3-5 years: € 85, 6-10 years: € 110, over 10 years: adult price

For Convention participation only (lunch and dinner included): € 65; for children: 0-2 years free, 3-5 years: € 20, 6-10 years: € 40, over 11 years: adult price
In case you chose this option, please write us directly.

Payment information:
Beneficiary: General Conference Corp.
                 of SDA, EUD
                 Schosshaldenstr. 17
                 3006 Bern
Account Information: IBAN:DE79 5088 0050 0178 9867 01
                              BIC / SWIFT: DRESDEFF508

Once you registered, please pay at least € 50 so your registration is valid!

IMPORTANT: Please write your name and union as reference, so we know that you have already paid.
Payment is to be done by April 15, 2014.
Please note: no payment will be accepted on site!

Please fill the form below. If you want to make changes afterward, it is possible, please contact us.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.